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Infidelity Poem

There is no moving forward until honesty is here

Although being honest may alleviate some fear

there is still a long bumpy road ahead

It makes me leery because I don't, once again, want to be mislead

Please just explain why

I do not want to hear one more lie

You look at me without any words of explanation

Am I just supposed to accept this indignation?

I am ACCEPTING, I am here

I don't have to be but I am

Dealing with the unknown and the never ending fear

WHY is it so hard to just say goodbye and leave?

Will it solve all our problems and give me reprieve?


I did not just stop loving you for your indiscretions

Even though what you did is beyond my comprehension

You have left me doubting and unsure of our life

Always wondering should I continue to be your wife?

Now I'm fighting an emotional roller coaster....

the uphill, the downhill, the withering will

Feelings of love and hate and my heart is suffering in a debate

Even so your behavior does not negate all the hurt, mistrust, and heartache.

By Patricia Alexander

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