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Susan Broussard, MA CEO
LMFT #49224

"Just being myself and walking through life with you."

 I was born in Georgetown Guyana.

We immigrated to the United States in 1984. After a short stay in New York City, we moved to southern California, where I call home today. I am married to a USMC Veteran and have 4 kids.

 I have always had a heart for helping others. As a child I would interact with babies and tutor younger children. I am still in love with babies today. Maybe it has to do with my mom being a midwife.

I also understand the struggles of immigrants as I had to help my mom with Algebra to begin her nursing career over again even though she ran a birthing center in our country.

My love of children grew into working with troubled teenagers. I don’t like to say that I specialize in any one thing, but I am pretty darn good with kids and teens.

I began working with adults and realized we are all healing from our childhood stuff. Now I help people of all ages.

Through my work with adults and writing my book on surviving narcissism, I have become an expert in helping others do the same. 



Deborah McLendon, MA
AMFT #135602

“You are the Light

at the end of the Tunnel!”

     Life’s challenges can be overwhelming at times with the impact of problems, situations, and experiences we come to face throughout life.

    My goal is to allow the client to fully explore and express their own story in a safe and comfortable environment that will give them the freedom to be their authentic self.

      I have 20-plus years of experience working in the social service field specializing in mental and behavioral health. I obtained my Master’s in Counseling/Psychology from National University in San Diego California specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. I completed my undergrad in Birmingham Alabama from the University of Alabama/Birmingham with a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

          I have always had a passion for caring for others and helping them find opportunities to succeed. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to provide for populations such as mental illness, developmental disabilities, troubled youth, substance abuse, and clients on the autism spectrum. Throughout my educational training and professional experience, I have cultivated a strong background in supporting children and adults facing life challenges and transitions. I am particularly passionate about treating children, adolescents, and teens and being able to see that spark once they gravitate to the notion that “they” are the light at the end of the tunnel.

          My therapeutic approach is warm, person-centered, and nonjudgmental. My goal is to assist the client in gaining insight into who they are individually while understanding their purpose in life. I am open to exploring any concerns my client brings to the session while utilizing an evidence-based approach and offering genuine guidance and support.


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