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Depression/Mental Health

Poem 2

You can't see me but I am here

Ready to take over your mind, body and soul.

I show up unexpectedly and unwanted and leave whenever I want.

I control you and make you cry, isolate, sad, angry, confused and really not knowing what to do or which way to turn and unable to talk to anyone.

I cause you to feel shame, unstable and unmotivated.

I cause you to feel inadequate.

I discourage you from getting help at the slightest attempt.

I battle, battle, battle your mind at the most inopportune moment and

know you all too well.

You will not talk about ME and will do anything to hide or deny ME

but I am here and always will be until you properly address ME

and say it loud that It Is Okay to feel this way and

It Is Okay to address ME and get help.

Unless you address ME openly and honestly I may be able to take over your world.

Seek help, talk, feel, heal.


By Patricia Alexander

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