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Creative Thoughts

Cognitive Behavioral

Cognitive behavioral therapy looks at the interaction between your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. It teaches you how to identify negative irrational or faulty thoughts. Once identified you can change them which will change the way you feel and in turn change how you react to a situation.

Notebook and Pen


This style will help you change the way you perceive your problems. You will learn how to re-write the narrative(story) of your life. You can choose which beliefs to keep and which to discard as you create a new story of who you are.


Personal Style

I see therapy as a relationship, therefore I am open to sharing more about myself than a traditional therapist. This helps build trust and a relaxed person to person dynamic rather than an expert to patient (sick person) dynamic. I get real with you and then use my expertise to help you heal. Many conversations will seem like you are talking to an old friend who really gets you. Although I listen and reflect back to you like a traditional therapist, I am more direct. I give education, advice and life coaching.

Woman Walking in the Field

Solution Focused

This is a goal directed and collaborative approach. It assumes that you are the expert of your life and the answers to your problems are within you. I will walk with you through barriers to these answers and help you uncover the solutions. You have survived thus far, therefore you have the knowledge to get through the next phase of your life.

Magnifying Glass

Trauma Focused

I have been Trained by the International Association of Trauma Professionals to address all types of traumas. This involves creating a safe holding environment for you to unburden yourself of difficult memories. Then organizing traumas by intensity, discussing them, writing about them and creating a visual representation of them. All steps help your brain unlock and release various aspects of the traumas. The traumatic events will then be distanced in your mind and the impact upon recall will be decreased. You will no longer be a victim of your memories.  

Work Desk


Online therapy available after initial assessment and approval.


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