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Susan A Broussard

"Helping you restore your relationship with yourself, your life & your purpose."

 I was born in Georgetown Guyana, South America. We immigrated to the United States in 1984. After a short stay in New York City, we moved to Southern California, where I call home today.

​I am married to a USMC Veteran and have 4 kids.


I have always had a heart for helping others. As a child, I would interact with babies and tutor younger children. ​My love of children grew into working with troubled teenagers. I myself was a troubled teen, and it was after a difficult situation that I said, "I am going to be the person kids can talk to". Once I reluctantly began working with adults, I realized they too were just struggling to heal their childhood wounds. 


 am the author of "It's Not Love: Uncover the Truth, Understand the Disorder, & Undo the damage of a Narcissistic Relationship to Obtain the Love you Deserve". Through personal experience and triumph, I help those needing to escape the most sinister of relationships. 

Now I specialize in children of all ages. I help immigrants and those affected by cultural biases. I help veterans and their families. I help people survive difficult working environments. I help those trying to rebuild their lives after traumas of all forms. 

I am building a company that provided quality psychotherapy, coaching, and all forms of effective counseling to help you be a better you. Call us Today!

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