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Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Communication is one of the foundational issues couple's face trying to understand each other through baggage, stress, drama, and family of origin influences.

Question: even though I've told my husband something numerous times over the years, he continues to say he doesn't remember, is this true or something more going on?

Both. He may genuinely not remember because another disorder is going on. Usually when someone forgets things it may be because they have ADHD or another memory or learning disorder.

When they say they don't remember it's because their brain literally did not commit them to memory each time it was told to them. The more it's told in frustration the more the brain with ADHD at least avoids the topic leading to more forgetfulness.

Many people don't realize it ADHD, although usually diagnosed in childhood, can go undiagnosed. In cases where inattention is present but not hyperactivity, the person may have learned coping skills and may have chosen a job that gives to their strengths.

Inattentiveness affects more than learning ability and affects relationships.

When the brain does not commit conversations to memory, these problems can result. Getting your partner assessed by a medical professional is essential. The best way to deal with symptoms of ADHD that are impeding relationships is medication.

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