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Understanding the female narcissist

Updated: Jan 4, 2022


Normal expectations of women

To understand the abnormal we must first understand the normal

Normal women are expected to have endless amounts of empathy, caring and support for those around them. Normal women love unconditionally. Normal women put the needs of their children and partners ahead of their own. Although normal women can send mixed messages out of fear, their intent is always love. Finding love, caring for love and keeping love.

So, can you imagine not being born with any of these normal propensities?


The Abnormal Female

This female realizes early on that she is not behaving like other females around her. Females are highly attuned to competition as it is, so the female narcissist sets out to the best. She observes and emulates the normal female expectations as best she can.

Unfortunately guys, females are better at being narcissists because of their focus on details, being better liars, and living in a world of gossip.

So, this narcissist sets out to have the husband and kids expected of her. She does not like it but must acquire these things for the best outward appearances. If they are not your corporate or genius level ones they must use their families to prove themselves.

They can fake the emotions the guy expects them to have, sometimes over doing it to appear like the wounded damsel. Guys fall for that every time.

Then of course they learn that they possess the best weapon of all time, their bodies. Men fall for this easily well. Since men are not good at feeling the emotions of females, the narcissist is able to hide their lack of actual pleasure.

Because of male pride, it is so hard to believe that a female is taking advantage of you. As they say, your worst mistake is underestimating her.

Men are willing to take more punishment from a woman just to have something beautiful on their arm. Then their pride again keeps from divulging what's going on and hiding it longer than a woman would. Your male friends cannot read behind your façade either so no one suspects things are wrong.

You must pay closer attention to her behavior and not her words.

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