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Understanding Generations? 17-25 year old kids

Dear Parents, I FUCKED UP!

The recession took out teen jobs. When your drive through attendant is 60 years old, there's a problem! How can our kids learn responsibility, discipline or the drive to get educated without those first jobs?

Yes, they are entitled and believe things should be easier and handed to them. But who's fault is that? Ours! We unknowingly made it easy for them and the internet did the rest. Because of our childhood struggles, we worked hard to give them a better life. Well, we went overboard. Then the internet and cell phones put any information in the palm of their hands. Information their minds weren't developmentally ready to understand or cope with.

Now they don't see the value in a college education or a minimum wage job. Now they know too much about how the world is going to hell in a Gucci handbag. So school, work, or careers are not important when you're dealing with life and death. I wouldn't be able to focus on these things things if I thought I could be shot by police for no reason or if a virus can kill a large amount of the population. I especially would want to live each day like it's my last if I thought the planet would die in my grandchildren's generation. Why work hard to make a life and have children so they can inherit this bullshit we call living?

So comment, disagree, fight with me. Because this is what it's going to take to find a solution to this. Let's restore our young adults relationship with the world.

Hug and kiss your young adults and discuss this with them with an open ear.

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