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Welcome to Wellness

At Broussard Marriage & Family Therapy INC, our mission is to provide compassionate care that focuses on client's individual needs. Treating each client as a person, not a number. We use the term 'Client' instead of patient because through education and transparency, our clients are an integral part of their treatment. We strive to decrease the stigma of accessing mental health services by calling it 'Mental Wellness'. 

Envision What is Possible

Our vision for every client is simple. ESCAPE toxic relationships by finding & restoring your relationship with yourself. We want you to EMPOWER yourself with effective tools that will last a lifetime. And we want to help you ELEVATE your life to live genuinely with the freedom to be yourself. 

Serving All Ages

- Yes, we do child assessments + diagnoses!
- Now Accepting Medicare in May!
- Proudly serving Veterans!
- Couples and Family Therapy
- Narcissism Recovery Treatment



Proudly Serving

Telehealth Available

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